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Living Dead Girls: A True Crime & Unsolved Mysteries Podcast

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Oct 18, 2020

Episode #43: Halloween Homecoming: Part 1 - Happy Halloween, MurderParanerdos! It's that time of year, again. Kat and Leslie invite you to sit back, and enjoy over an hour of spooky babble... with special guest Jess Doktor of Everything is Relative.

Oct 5, 2020

The murderparanerdos are back for the second time in a week, look out, this episode is a doozy. Kat brings things back to Abraham Lincoln, again, and Leslie talks about dating and the challenges women (CIS, trans, and those who identify as feminine) ... face. So, let’s talk SAFETY, and how men can help make...

Sep 27, 2020

Episode #41... the Comeback Episode.

During this episode Kat and Leslie talk about all kinds of random stuff, because it's been 2 months since we last did a show, and we have a lot to talk about. Things we discuss during episode #41 - Halloween! Living during a fucking pandemic! The ghost of Abraham Lincoln! Kara...

Sep 11, 2020

Yes! We are still here, and we are preparing to come back... just in time for Halloween Homecoming 2020! Stay tuned!

Jul 14, 2020

We're baaaaccck!! And it's our 2 year Podcast-versary! Happy Anniversary to us, and thank you all for all the love and support! We apologize for the sound, and for Leslie's dog being naughty during the durtion of the entire show, but we are still not back into the studio, due to Covid-19. So we are making lemonade out...